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Best Book Editing Software and Online Tools for Authors

Best Book Editing Software

Once Dr. Seuss said. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Books are indeed the true friends that one can always rely upon and carry everywhere with oneself. In writing those journeys, places, feelings, imagination, fantasy, anecdotes, and those precious words, there is a lot of hard work and brainstorming a writer has to do. Choosing the right words in the right context at the right place is very important for the writer to spread the reality of his intentive thoughts. Writing a book involves the steps like firstly creating a plan, writing the content, reading it, editing to remove the shortcomings, and then finally publishing it. In this article, we will get to know about Best Book Editing Software that will help make your book impeccable.

Why editing is Important

A remarkable book must go through editing, which is an essential part of the writing process. Checking for redundancies, punctuation, and grammatical errors, as well as vocabulary problems, is part of the editing process. It is important because while writing our books, we make some silly and minute mistakes, and it is sometimes difficult to catch each one of them, therefore, editing enables you to fix typing errors and raise the level of your content’s overall quality. It also helps you to organise your content better, includes relevant ideas, and makes your book more attractive. Usually, the writers have to hire professional editors for editing, but thankfully we have some digital software that the writer can use himself for editing during or after writing his book.

Editing by humans is a must before using software:

With the advent of the “software” world, Human editing still holds water. So, Human Editing is a must before you opt for editing with Software because to develop their ideologies and tell their stories, writers need genuine, live people. Humans are still the best editors. Your narrative cannot be examined for flaws by a piece of software. The reality that the virus takes four days to spread, and after that, the zombies die is something that a computer cannot detect.

But in some situations, we do need an editing tool or software mainly to improvise the technical elements of the writing. The 5 Best Book Editing Software used are mentioned below:


AutoCrit is a digital book editing tool. It assists authors in improving their writing style quickly and significantly and preparing their manuscripts for publication. The membership provides access to top-notch editing tools, peer connections, and insider knowledge of the industry.



Grammarly is an application or browser extension that instantly examines your writing for errors on a variety of websites, including Facebook, WordPress, Microsoft Word, and more. Its major pros include real-time grammar correcting, high accuracy, customization ability, understanding explanations easily, and being very simple to use.



Ginger is an Artificial intelligence-based writing helper that assists with grammar and style correction. Ginger features synonyms and rephrasing in addition to grammar checks. To ensure you can communicate what you’re trying to say, Ginger studies lakhs of texts from a corpus of research to learn the patterns and rules of language. Easy to use and capable of automatically changing verb tenses, suggesting alternative words, and enhancing sentence structure is Ginger’s writing assistant.


Hemingway Editor

To help you improve your writing, it is a distraction-free editing and writing tool. It focuses on recognizing frequent mistakes that detract from the quality of your text, such as unclear sentence structure, the exploitation of weak adverbs, excessive use of passive voice, etc. It disregards problems like poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation that are not associated with effective writing.



MasterWriter helps poets and other creative writers by providing them with phrases, speech patterns, word families, rhyming, and synonyms. People who speak English as a second language can also benefit from it. It is a fantastic set of tools for writers that makes it simple to identify and use the best words, phrases, and concepts for every writing situation. It spares you from straining your brain for the right word for hours.


Human editing versus Software editing

Computers cannot establish the emotional engagement necessary for narrative creation. Creating fictional landscapes, historical backdrops, or post-apocalyptic environments requires exactly the perfect amount of detail that can only be done by a human, neither too much nor too less information is required in these contexts other the readers lose interest. Only humans can make the content insightful, unique, poignant, inspiring, amazing, and captivating, which could blow the reader’s mind.

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Editing by Humans helps in

  • Narrative Development
  • Generating and understanding the empathetic characters
  • Building accurate words
  • Assessing the awesomeness of the written content

But in some situations, we do need an editing tool or software mainly to improvise the technical elements of the writing like:

  • It can help you with sticky sentences and make complicated sentences easy and simplified.
  • It can check the length of your sentences as varied sentence lengths help maintain readers’ interest.
  • It is boring to read when there is too much repetition. An editing software may generate a report in a matter of seconds that pinpoints exactly where your writing is repetitive, allowing you to go back and add some diversity.
  • An active verb is almost always more interesting than a passive one, and competent writers are aware that a strong verb almost usually wins out over an adverb. If you use too many modifiers and passive verbs, the software can notify you to make necessary changes.

We can say that making the content effective, attractive, unique, and captive is also more important than just writing the book. Humans and software can both help differently. Thus, it is very clear that for all the tedious (but necessary) tasks, there is an editing tool available, and people are available to assist you with all the artistic components necessary to move your reader’s heart and mind.

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