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Where to Begin? A Brief on How to Start Something

We encounter so many circumstances in life where we are helpless and unsure on how to proceed. It nearly always happens to us and is extremely frequent.  This occurs with entrepreneurs who are unable to launch their ventures, writers who have writers block, students who are studying for examinations while reading etc.  The to-do list keeps getting longer as I consider the opportunities, commitments, and work that lie ahead. There is a lot to accomplish and not enough time. Paralysis may result from this. It results in binge viewing as a kind of avoidance.

Where should one begin, then?

  1. Start with small steps and try to gain confidence.
  2. Discover or create excitement in everything you are confronted with.
  3. Keep everything honest and true to yourself. Avoid taking quick cuts.
  4. Establish priority for your smaller goals.
  5. Start working and completing one tiny job at a time.
  6. ‘Finish what you begin. Do you a little more you think you can. Do a little better you think you can’ – Dandapani, (Hindu priest, entrepreneur, monk)

This one is one of the best lines I have ever come across in my life.

The only thing left to do is start the process over once you’ve finished each stage and have finally travelled, learnt to paint, or skydived. You have evolved into a person who enjoys trying new things. Bravo to you!

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