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SIGMA: as life sums it all by Pankaj Lochan – Book Recommendation

The first book in the trilogy on karmic conduct by the author is titled “SIGMA – as life sums it all.” This is a collection of quick-paced short stories that were inspired by real characters in the author’s life—the relatives and close friends who strayed from the holy road! SIGMA may be his first work of fiction, but its fundamental theme is still the same as it was in his technical books: analysing and addressing (managing) the “cause” in order to enhance the “result” Philosophically, SIGMA is about the cause-and-effect link between an individual’s intent and actions (the cause) and their karmic repercussions throughout their lifetime (the effect)!

The author thinks that you will be more likely to use shortcuts when you have a limited amount of time to see the results of your actions. However, if you extended the reconciliation reference period to cover your entire lifetime, you would see why you should always act morally.

It’s intriguing to see how carefully the author chooses the names of his collections. Readers may first find it intriguing, but it soon becomes a strong draw that draws them in to the novel right away. They are curious about what the author will cover in the book, and they have a lot of questions. The decision to use short stories as the format makes the book highly thrilling for the readers. In the introduction, the author states,

I assume that practically everyone who is aware of the idea of Karma finds it useful in their life at some moment or another, in some manner. In the context, much has already been said, and much more will follow. Pankaj Lochan‘s book “Sigma: as Life Sums It All” varies a little from what has previously been written.

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