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Top 10 Most Popular Book Genres


In the literary world, it has been a question for ages that what are the ‘Top 10 Most Popular Genres of All Time!’ Now, if you were a writer or specially a budding author then this particular notion would have raised several thoughts in your mind. For a question like this, each one of us would have our own different answers and many of us might stand on the same opinion too. However, coming on one same page on something like this is not going to be easy. Therefore, today we shall discuss about the top or the most popular genres of all time and their impacts too. Now, before having a look over the ‘Most Popular Book Genres Of All Time’ let us first try and understand the concept of book genre!

What is a Book Genre?

Well, in simple terms the genre of a book means the category of a book. Every work of literature or writing can further be divided into a genre with its own elements, tone, style, and storytelling devices. In other words, a ‘Book Genre’ refers to the types of books that fall into that category. They are categorized by their style, tone, time period, target audience, and numerous other factors. These are the factors, which differentiate fiction from nonfiction.

There are several important factors, which play a major role in determining the book genres. All of these factors are considered when deciding what genre a book falls into. Every reader has preferences for books, and all of them fall into genres or sub-genres. Whether you are interested in dystopian, young adult, sci-fi, self-help, or historical fiction books, you probably prefer certain genres!

The next real important point in this whole segment is the classification of the most popular book genres of all time. So, without any further delay let us have a look over the

Top 10 Most Popular Book Genres


When it comes to overall book sales, the genre of romance novels is perhaps the most successful one of all time. Romance books may be purchased at the checkout lines of grocery stores, in monthly shipments from publishers to readers, online, and via self publishing services, among other distribution channels. Within the romance genre, readers have a propensity to remain faithful to the works of their favourite writers. A few of the most well-known subgenres of romance are the supernatural romance and the historical romance.


There are a great number of popular mystery novels that attract a significant number of readers, particularly if they are part of a larger series. Mystery stories often begin with a captivating hook, maintain the reader’s attention with suspenseful pace, and wrap up with a satisfying climax that resolves all of the unanswered concerns raised by the reader throughout the story. The cosy mystery, the real crime book, the whodunit, the scientific mystery, the hardboiled detective story, and the police procedural are all subgenres of the mystery genre that are very popular.


This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Book Genres. The events that occur in fantasy novels often take place in a different era than our own. They often include supernatural beings, who may range from benevolent wizards to ghoulish zombies. The dystopian past or future is the setting for many science fiction works. Although some works of science fiction are set in the past, the vast majority are written with the future in mind and explore the moral and ethical repercussions of scientific and technological progress. Urban fantasy, steampunk fantasy, high fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, and sword and sorcery fantasy are all examples of subgenres of the fantasy genre.

On the other hand, some types of literature, such as magical realism, combine the engaging qualities of fantasy with the complex strategies that are characteristic of literary fiction. The novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is an excellent illustration of this crossing.

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Popular genre literature such as mysteries, thrillers, and horror, which are all closely tied to one another, are known for ramping up the tension and shocking elements. In spite of the fact that authors such as David Baldacci and Dan Brown rule the top list with their suspense novels, Stephen King is still considered to be the undisputed king of modern horror!


Popular adult literary subgenres are reimagined as works of fiction for an adolescent readership and given the label “young adult literature.” The most compelling works of young adult literature, regardless of whether they are works of science fiction, romance, mystery, or fantasy, all include the same compelling characters and action-packed plotlines that are typical of works written for more mature audiences. Existing literary tropes will often have adolescent topics, such as coming of age or rebellion, superimposed on top of them. The Harry Potter book series written by J.K. Rowling has been very successful for her in the Young Adult market. Also, Suzanne Collins has done it with her book “The Hunger Games.” Goosebumps and Fear Street are two series written by R.L. Stine that introduce young children and teenagers to the genre of horror literature.

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Children’s literature is written for readers who are not old enough to read works in the young adult category. Beginning with picture books geared for children who are not yet readers, the genre of children’s fiction then progresses into short tales aimed at early readers and fiction written for middle schoolers. It is important to keep in mind that a picture book is not the same as a comic book or graphic novel, which are both geared toward a more mature readership. Children’s literature also includes the folklore and fairy tale subgenres.


These categories of nonfiction books are read by huge numbers of people all around the globe. There are a lot of books on self-help that focus on becoming successful in business and accumulating riches. The majority of the books found in the religious section are of the self-help variety and incorporate elements of religious doctrine. They provide advice for addressing issues that are encountered


The tales included in these works of nonfiction recount the author’s personal experiences. When it comes to autobiographies and memoirs, the person whose life is being recounted is the focal point of the narrative. The author of a biography is almost never the subject of the biography they write about. These books provide factual information that is typically supported by evidence from a variety of sources. This is what differentiates historical fiction, which is set within well-researched historical time periods but has creative storylines that aren’t based on actual life, from biographies, which simply recount the life of a real person.


Books filled with action and adventure often have a gripping storyline that gradually reveals itself as the reader continues to turn the pages. The objective is to maintain the attention of the audience by using a wide range of literary devices and setting them against an intriguing background. Red herrings and multiple unexpected twists in the story are two elements that are prominent in thriller literature. The objective is to maintain the reader’s sense of mystery right up to the very conclusion of the book; however, in addition to this, the book may be improved by having an engaging location, comic aspects, and components of mystery works.


To put it simply, graphic novels are books that are assembled from comics and include material intended for amusement. Although the term “novel” is most often used to refer to lengthy works of fiction, the phrase “graphic novel” has a far broader application and may apply to works of fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized material!

Now, after covering the most popular book genres, let us move ahead in the direction to understand that Why Focusing On the Genres Is Such An Important Job?  

Why Considering the Genre is Important for Author?

What makes this question even trickier is the fact that getting your book published in order to become a ‘Published Author’ is itself not an easy job and then generating profit from that book of yours can be an even more strenuous target, if you have gone with the correct genre!

Moreover, there are so many genres and such a little time to write and that too when you sit down to write, a few things may come to mind like – “What do I shall write about? Do I want to write fiction or nonfiction? Fantasy or Mystery? Romance or Horror? Will people enjoy my book?” Then after, even when you know what topic or genre you want to focus on and make up your mind, still various questions can pile up like – “Will people like my story? Will it sell? How do I know if people will be interested in my book? How much money does this genre usually make? How many books of this genre are actually popular?”

Define Your Book Genre Wisely

Therefore, while deciding the course of your writing, you need to be extra careful and make some wise decisions! The good thing is that most of the upcoming writers tends carry out their own research and studies upon the best-selling book genres, before starting to work on their own books. It is now common trend among the Budding Authors that, they pursue their Writing Carrier by working on the genre, which is most loved by the readers and book lovers!

As anyone would like his or her work to reach among the bigger mass and receive a greater level of appreciation. Therefore, if we look at this approach carried by the budding authors then it would not be wrong to say that it is indeed a smart approach with a tendency of generating a greater success probability.

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